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Paradise Lost: Football and the Vatican

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Damiano Benzoni

All pictures must be credited to Damiano Benzoni – dinamobabel.wordpress.com. Further material can be found at this link.

“If this goes in, the score is even”, the referee tells the goalie Javier Ángulo Coyotzi. From the stands, an acordeón eerily plays the beginning of Bach’s Toccata and Fugue in D minor as PSG’s José Ignacio Tola Claux approaches the penalty spot. Regular time ended in a 2-2 draw – the Mexicans scoring through a brace by their new signing João Kalevski, a Brazilian of Ukrainian descent. Two early mistakes from the spot almost killed any hope for the French, but after a spectacular save by their keeper on the third Mexican penalty, Tola Claux now has the chance to get his team back in the game. He kicks it to the keeper’s right, Coyotzi dives and deflects it on the post. The ball sidespins all along the goal-line, clips on the other post and finally stops without crossing the line. The Mexicans erupt, Coyotzi is brought to triumph before the stands, where the acordeón is now playing Cielito Lindo. PSG also salute their supporters, then both teams join in a circle at midfield. Under the shade of the Saint Peter’s Cupola, they pray together: “Our Father, who art in heaven…”. Then the Mexican captain thanks God on behalf of everyone and pays homage to the other team: “They were our opponents today on the pitch, but in everyday’s battle for our faith, they are our brothers”. Continue reading

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