Off-sides and revolutions, tackles and dictatorships, crosses and nationalism, lobs and repressions, slams and wars, backhands and fundamentalism, panenkas and diplomacy, scissor kicks and propaganda. An eye on the world through the lens of sports, to tell stories about international politics and society from the locker rooms, and watch them as they invade the pitch.

Sport can easily arouse the human soul and create cohesion and identity, as well as tension and conflict. It is a huge catalyst of passions whose power is often not lost on governments, regimes and revolutionary groups. Around the pitch, and sometimes even inside it, hide stories about men with ideas, crowds with revanchist feelings, propaganda, manipulation and control, as well as simpler anecdotes which shed light on societies and places far away from our boundaries and thoughts. Dinamo Babel was born on March 14th, 2012, thinking of sport as an interesting instrument and lens to analyse the world and try to understand it. It may not be the most exact, nor the most effective but – to the writer – it’s the most interesting and compelling, in the strong convincement that matches keep going far from the green rectangle, when floodlights are turned off, the terraces have emptied, the locker rooms rest in silence and the shutters of sport pubs lay closed.


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